About Us

Magic sack

was created by a group of friends ,and though we are experienced professionals in various domains including real estate ,advertising and Software development we all share the joy of playing with our kids.

In Magic sack –

we believe in magic ,you would see it happen when filling up a sack.

In Magic sack

we believe our kids know best –

this is why we let them pick the products for other kids to choose from.

In Magic sack

we believe in accountability and fair trade-

this is why everything is fully secured and refundable.

In Magic sack

we believe toys are for everyone –

so if you’re looking for steep priced brands -you’re in the wrong place.

In Magic sack

we try to remain tentative so please ,

do contact us for anything in any of the channels provided.

lets stay in touch- to sign up/register:

Link for registration here